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OGIL QHSE & Risk Management System defines it’s QHSE Objective; a framework standard on how the intents and objectives of OGIL Policy on Quality Health, Safety and Environment will be implemented throughout OGIL Operation.

The implementation of OGIL on QHSE & Risk Management system shall cover, but not limited to, the following Strategic Objectives.

To perform OGIL operation with minimum potential risk to environment, personnel, production and property and is to help managers effectively manage control of loss.

The appropriate QHSE & Risk Management Strategic Objectives will be applied in all activities carried out throughout Company’s operations; including that of Contractors engaged in work for, or on behalf of OGIL and Third Parties associated with the Company activities.

Employees at all levels in OGIL will demonstrate, including by personal example, their commitment to QHSE policy issues and ensure that these are given priority and not compromised in any activity.

OGIL will comply with all QHSE legislation of Pakistan.

OGIL will operate within OGIL Technical Standards and other company’s approved standards.

OGIL will provide opportunities for employees at all levels, including contractors, to equip themselves with the necessary awareness, knowledge and skills to be fully effective in their current jobs; and to prepare them for planned future assignments in support of OGIL QHSE strategic objectives and business plans.

Services obtained from contractors and other third parties shall be assessed and managed to ensure that the QHSE requirements shall met OGIL’s standard.

OGIL will provide open and effective communications on QHSE matters with employees, as well as joint venture partners, contractors and the communities affected by OGIL’s operations.

For all QHSE-critical activities, the appropriate health, safety and environmental risk assessment will be carried out, with a view to implementing control measures that eliminate or reduce the risks to a level as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be carried out prior to the start activities. Additionally, in cases where there is legal requirement to have the EIA report submitted for regularity approval, such requirement will be compiled with accordingly.

OGIL will implement risk control measures through safe work practices, operating procedures, asset integrity plan, quality assurance programmers and other systems to secure OGIL’s QHSE targets.

All technical information including Process and Instrument Diagrams, shutdown systems, engineering/ mechanical drawings and material/ chemical safety data sheets associated with OGIL’s facilities/operations will be kept up-to-date.

OGIL will conduct inspections, survey and measurements to determine compliance with QHSE objectives, targets and plans.

OGIL will conduct periodic internal QHSE Management System Audit, as well as other technical and legal compliance audit, to verify that the implementation of Company’s activities conform to the requirement of the QHSE & Risk Management System.

OGIL will conduct periodic management review of the QHSE policy, organization and arrangements that are necessary to achieve continual improvement of the Company’s QHSE performance, and to verify that the QHSE & Risk Management System is working as intended throughout the Company.